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Office Chairs

The make of the furniture in each office consists of great detail, color, and design. Furniture needs to match the overall atmosphere of the office and needs to be durable. At our discount office furniture store we have used and new furniture deals!

Here at Office Resources Liquidators, LLC, we specialize in handmade wood furniture that can create a custom design of the furnishings to be the display of your office furniture decor. Our custom furniture building consists of everything from office furniture sets and chairs that will exceed your highest expectations.

Whether you are looking for a matching table to complement the colors of your office room design or you would like the latest trends in office and file cabinets, you can count on us to bring these pieces to life.

Our handmade furniture includes state-of-the-art pieces that can’t be found anywhere else. With expert craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail, you won’t be disappointed. We are proudly serving the residents in San Jose, CA. Contact us today for office desks, office furniture and more!